826 creative writing

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826 creative writing

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Programs We’re busting out of our hats with exciting programming! Congress works as hard as we do! While every aspect of our programming promotes student voices, no program does so quite like our flagship publishing program: the Young Authors’ Book Project. YABP includes students in every aspect of writing, editing, and publishing from the rough pages of drafting to the polished pages of a professionally published product. Mondays through Thursdays can be rough thanks to all the homework that comes with the daily academic grind.

The work gets done during our two-hour Monday-Thursday volunteer-supported homework help sessions, complete with a half hour of creative writing. We’ll open registration for returning students on Monday, August 20, 2018, and for new students on Monday, August 27, 2018.

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To register or add your name to the student waitlist, contact D’Real. Note: After-School Writing Lab is currently only accepting applications from DC-based families whose students receive free or reduced lunch or self-identify as English Language Learners. In these two-hour, action-packed, teamwork-centered, Common-Core-ticking, publishing-focused writing sessions, DC-based students and teachers participate in the writing process from brainstorming to holding a freshly bound book.

Beginning in November 2017, Field Trips are available to DC-based schools on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am-12pm. 826DC’s Field Trips are entirely free for Title 1 schools. Other schools may request Field Trips and are charged on a sliding scale, but in adherence with our mission, partnerships with Title 1 schools take priority. A dynamic group storytelling activity where students write collaboratively before they complete the narrative on their own. Each student leaves with an individualized book.