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epik essay help

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I think that most English teachers who plan to stay in Korea for more than a few years hope to eventually get a university job. A lot of what passes for common knowledge among foreign teachers in Korea exists as a sort of grapevine of oft-repeated truisms, and the word on university positions is this: low hours, high pay, long vacations. This grapevine, by the way, is often not especially accurate, and in the case of university jobs, the truth is that conditions vary quite a lot. But for my job, I’ve found it to be mostly true.

There are also some things about teaching at a university that I find less satisfying than teaching at a Korean public school. As I said, it varies: my university is pretty stingy and other universities pay more. There are things I miss about teaching in elementary schools: the kids, the grandparents who hung out in the shelters on the school playground, the teachers who spoke no English but nonetheless drove me home and showed me kindness, the ajeossi teachers who smoked with me in the hidden places at the back of the school. But overall, university work is unquestionably better.

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