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resume writing service hk

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Jump to navigation Jump to search For more background on this topic, see Languages of Hong Kong. This article needs additional citations for verification. English language most commonly used in Hong Kong. The dialect is a result of Hong Kong’s British overseas territory history and the influence of native Cantonese speakers. Being a former British colony, Hong Kong predominantly uses British spellings.

Cantonese English, locally referred to as Chinglish, in theory, refers to the accent and characteristics of English spoken by native Hong Kongers and other Cantonese people. People with higher education, past experience of living in English-speaking countries, or who constantly interact with Hong Kong’s English-speaking expatriate communities, generally speak an acquired form of English. Since the Handover, English in Hong Kong remains primarily a second language, in contrast to Singapore where English has been shifting toward being a first language. This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose.

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